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Need a fab holiday workshop?

Here we go again with the hit ABBA musical, Mamma Mia!


Boys & girls come and join us for this most colourful of musicals plays, Mamma Mia – where we shall be singing the songs, dancing the dances and performing the play in this fabulous fun workshop! A show to family and friends will take place on the final day.

10 – 3pm Ages 5 – 12 Three days £89

• Monday 16th to Wednesday 18th February 2015
• Piran Performing Arts Studio, Truro
• To book call / text Claire on 07773 337 357 or use the PayPal button

Some great feedback

I ask the children, what would you rather do, Super Camps or Claire’s workshops? I get William & Walt (in unison): “Claire’s workshops!”
Pauline Causey, William and Walt’s mum

A fantastic three days, Gigi as always home with enlightened enthusiasm! You keep her inspired and me amazed!!
Suzy H

My children are begging me to check with you when you are running your next drama workshop, they really do adore the drama clubs that you run!!
Donna E

If your son or daughter has a request for a play or musical they would like to star in please send me an email and we will see what we can do to make their dream come true…