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Having just saved three men, fleeing from the Spanish Governor, Zorro returns home to find his young wife murdered and his infant daughter kidnapped.

A fight ensues and Zorro is imprisoned… Twenty years pass before Zorro can finally escape (it takes him a long time!) only to discover his beautiful daughter has been raised by his arch enemy, the Governor, as his own child.

Vowing revenge, Zorro takes several young thieves, who are also seeking revenge, as his apprentices. Together they train, until, finally one of them becomes the new wearer of the Mask of Zorro.

Boys and girls join us for three days of fabulous story-telling and swashbuckling fun!

10 – 3pm Ages 5 – 12 Three days £89

Monday 30th March to Wednesday 1st April 2015

Piran Performing Arts Studio, Truro

To book call / text Claire on 07773 337 357 or use the PayPal button

Some great feedback

I ask the children, what would you rather do, Super Camps or Claire’s workshops? I get William & Walt (in unison): “Claire’s workshops!”
Pauline Causey, William and Walt’s mum

A fantastic three days, Gigi as always home with enlightened enthusiasm! You keep her inspired and me amazed!!
Suzy H

My children are begging me to check with you when you are running your next drama workshop, they really do adore the drama clubs that you run!!
Donna E

If your son or daughter has a request for a play or musical they would like to star in please send me an email and we will see what we can do to make their dream come true…