Dates for LAMDA exams 2022:

*  Friday 20th May – Truro School Prep

*  Saturday 21st May – Truro School

*  Sunday 22nd May – Truro School

2021 Results

I am pleased to announce the 100% pass rate in LAMDA results this year. All the students did incredibly well, with 74% gaining a Pass with Distinction and 100% gaining Pass with either Merit or Distinction. Congratulations to all the students who took and passed their Speech & Drama exams this year, it was a fantastic year.

If you would like to find out more about LAMDA, please read on:

What is LAMDA?

The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art or LAMDA is one of the oldest and most respected drama schools throughout the world, founded in the United Kingdom in 1861.

LAMDA is designed to equip learners, with a range of skills which not only serve them throughout life, but help student entry into university: passes at Grades six, seven and eight, can be commuted into UCAS points. For more information click here.

As the UK’s largest speech and drama awarding body, LAMDA promotes an appreciation of literature, poetry and drama. As well as unlocking imagination and creative-thinking, studying LAMDA develops communication skills and confidence.

LAMDA has provided the theatre and world of film and television with generation upon generation of first-class actors.

Get help with your Interview Technique

Have you got a university or job interview coming up soon? Speech & Drama coaching can help you be fully prepared with its course of three lessons in interview technique and role play. With an excellent track record, individual and group lessons are available. For more information click here.

*For more information on the LAMDA courses and prices please use the contact page by clicking here.

Lessons are based on an average of 10 lessons per term. As the summer term is shorter in length, more lessons are added in the autumn and spring terms. Lessons finish for the academic year at the summer half term.

Payment for the year is split equally, for convenience, between the three terms. If your son or daughter misses their LAMDA lesson, every effort will be made to offer them an alternative lesson; however this is not always possible. If a lesson is missed, due to teacher absence, a replacement lesson will be arranged.